Online University

Earn money and knowledge at the same place


Decentralized application for students, teachers and universities

With Uproot, students and teacher can experience all the features that online courses currently provide, and also earn from interest by using decentralized financial applications in blockchain


Pay by staking

Find "lossless" courses where you get all your money back upon completion

Get rewarded

Earn money for completing challenges even on paid courses

Earn grants

Apply for grants in order to enroll for paid courses for free

Growing endowment

All university funds are locked inside a secure endowment, always generating interest


Using Uproot you can access all of those features:

Browse a catalog of courses and enroll to learn new skills online.

All classrooms inside Uproot are hosted by independent teachers around the world that believe in the power of knowledge. Each classroom has its own set of payment parameters.

  • Pay your course by staking DAI in secure smart contracts.
  • Get a rebate (or even all money back) by completing the courses.
  • Get rewards for submiting correct answers to challenges.

Become a licensed teacher for Uproot

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a teacher for Uproot Online University. If you are a university manager, bring in your teachers in easily by hosting your own instance of Uproot.

Each University that implements Uproot may choose its own set of criteria to register new teachers. At Uproot Online University, you can become a teacher by just completing courses on each subject!

Get access to your course material

When a course begin, the teacher will post all material needed for the students to complete the challenge

  • The teachers are rewarded when students complete courses.
  • Your payment is safely stored during the course duration.
  • Submit any answer before the deadline to complete the course.
  • Receive an instant reward if your answer is correct!

Configure and manage your classrooms online

As a teacher, you have full ownership of your classroom.

You can choose which kind of content, subject and media you want for your classroom. Set up a pricing model that best suits to your consumers, and earn your reputation over the competition by teaching more and more students.


Our Founders:

Flavio Gouvea


Rodrigo Freitas


Matheus Pagani


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Uproot?

    Uproot is the first decentralized university in the world. There are no barriers or restrictions, everyone can learn anything. You can even become a teacher or open your own university for free (and earn money from it).

  • First you need to choose a class to attend. Then you’ll have to set aside some stake money for it (don’t worry, you’ll get it back in the end) and you’re ready to start learning. Materials and resources will be accessible once your transaction confirms.

  • All money raised for the entire class is applied in decentralized finance (DeFi) services such as Aave and Compound, earning interest over time. Once you submit your exam, or once the classroom deadline is reached, the money is then withdrawn from the pool and returned to you, while the interest earned is used to pay teachers, the university and reward good students. So in the end you might even receive money for learning a skill.

  • While every investment involves certain risk, our DeFi platforms of choice (Aave and Compound) mitigates most of it. Since these two apps offer collateralized loans, in case of default there is still the asset used as guarantee that covers more than the loaned. The only risk is the interest being close to zero.

  • You need basic knowledge of how to operate a wallet and have access to a certain cryptocurrency in order to use Uproot. We understand that this might restrict some people from using the platform, and we are currently working on a “frictionless” version of the website accessible to everyone.

  • For now only Portis wallets can connect to Uproot, but more will be added in the near future. The currencies accepted for now are: BAT, BUSD, DAI, ETH, KNC, LEND, LINK, MANA, MKR, REP, TUSD, USDC, USDT, WBTC and 0X. We plan to add more currencies (including FIAT) in the future.

  • Everything in Uproot is done by smart contracts, which means your money is never in possession of teachers or the university. This means that it is impossible to withdraw or transfer funds from someone else. You can check all our smart contracts at our Github page.

  • Uproot is entirely built using decentralized tools, that means the university runs its smart contracts on a blockchain, money is invested in trustless applications and even files can be hosted on distributed networks. It makes us censorship resistant and transparent to the end user.

  • Yes, once you complete any classroom you’ll have the ability to become a teacher and create your own course. You can choose parameters such as stake size, teacher’s cut, university cut, deadlines and more.

  • Great! Uproot allows anyone to clone our platform and start another education institution. Almost everything can be customized as well. You can learn more about it in our Github page.

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